Facebook Recruiting- A Win-Win Situation For Ohio & Michigan Job Seekers and Employers

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With the employment rate hovering around 8.5 percent in Ohio and 9.3% in Michigan, chances are you or someone you know is unemployed. Facebook can be so much fun and time always seems to fly by, especially if you have no job. You can stalk old friends, harass friends and family (not recommended) and scream in anger when your 10 year old brother beats you in Words with Friends 522 to 43. However, did you know that your Facebook page and online social activity may help you get your next job. That’s right. Some of the conversations you have with other professionals on Facebook could be your job interview! Before you say "OMG", read on to learn how to make sure you are following the Facebook Recruiting rules.

The Facebook Recruiting Rules for Job Seekers in Ohio & Michigan

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Rule #1. Never post strange, sexual or offensive pictures on Facebook. That includes drunken fairy pictures, even if it is Halloween.

If job recruiting companies in Toledo or Michigan are searching for big time talent on Facebook, do you think they would hire this guy? Not likely. Make sure you’re presenting your personality and talent on Facebook, but make sure your page is professional looking!

Rule #2. Protect Yourself! Don’t let your friends ruin your reputation.

Even if your Facebook page is professional, make sure you are not allowing your friends to post rude and offensive comments. That can destroy your chances of getting a job from Facebook recruiters.

Rule #3: Facebook is a great networking tool for job seekers and job recruiters.

If there is a company or job recruiter that is sparking your interest, try to get to know them. Connect with them on LinkedIn and if you feel comfortable enough, add them as a friend on Facebook. Don’t be too pushy, share unique and useful information with them and show them that you have the skills necessary to succeed at the position you are seeking.

Rule #4. Be active on Facebook.

Answer questions and comment on posts. Don’t let Facebook recruiters forget how valuable you really are!

Facebook Recruiting Rules for Job Recruiters in Ohio & Michigan:

Rule #1: Sit back and observe.

As you network with potential hires for your clients, monitor the Facebook activity of the job seeker. Is this person hire-worthy?

Rule #2: Design creative and clean Facebook pages.

Make it easy for job seekers to find the information they are looking for in regards to jobs and other information.

Rule #3: Share unique and useful information.

Depending on how job seekers respond to your posts, the interaction at this point is important to determine the skills, work ethics and personality of the individual.

Rule #4: Listen to job seekers and respond.

Don’t just post comments on Facebook, let job seekers do the talking.

Rule #5: Create polls, quizzes and contests. 

This will get your job seekers engaged. Facebook recruiters can learn a lot from these interactions. 

According to HireRabbit.com, 48% of job seekers use social media job hunting. If you are getting frustrated in your job search, make sure your Facebook page represents you well. You might be in the spotlight and not even know it. Take advantage of Facebook for job recruiting in the year 2012. With a little time and effort on your part, you will eventually find success! 

Posted by: Brennan Deitsch

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